Denny’s feverdream:
– Artesia & Aviation st.
– pull in & slip by
– gas pump & park
– quickly

bone color cream

& sugar please & thank you
ecosystem of ring finger & ear
ring still stuck on napkin, knee & sleeve
of saltine crackers, vinyl squeak faded
denim thigh & elbow
orbit around sunny
side up

table for one please & thank you

waitress bracelet twinkles & is baked
into whole wheat bread

baconcrunch between my combteeth
grease appears on someone else’s finger

back together on the same plate
please & thank you & I’m sorry & I’m sorry & I didn’t know where else to go please & sugar &

 thank you:
– for your time because
– greasespot on pink shirt
– looks like bloodstain &
– resonates

stitch & pull:
face is getting hazy &
pancake will do instead

thank hashbrowns. thank syrup. thank sutures. thank residue. thank you. you.

eggyolk runs
like wind-up teeth

home is a place where you butter the toast

& crumbs get stuck in the platecrack
home is a place for evidence

waitress twinkles back

I want to switch shirts with her

you would look great in pink
thank you

I’d come to myself
bearing a nametag & say:
you don’t
even need
to ask.

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