“Anything dead coming back to life hurts”
– Toni Morrison

This hurts

Don’t apologize

Call me your Frankenstein Bride
I’m (un)stitching myself
five minutes into your gaze
this electric neck
that electric finger
five minutes in the mouth
fizzling through coiled hair

This hurts

Don’t apologize

This hurts the way
all pulsing things should
hard and sweet
begging for your collar
between my bitten fingernails
for three pearls of blood
rhinestoning my neck

This hurts

Don’t apologize

Things move fast
once the first layer of grave dirt is stuck
under your bitten fingernails

Don’t apologize

Something here is working

Bride of Frankenstein wakes
up on a table of velvet this time
her body is blinking
she looks in the mirror
and I smirk back at her
you approach us from behind

This hurts

Don’t apologize

I am (un)numbing to you
egg (un)scrambled
and cracked against the wall

hard and sweet
through your fingers

For the love of electricity
don’t apologize

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