Excerpts from six months of (sometimes drunk) iphone notes

  • 1/22/16
    New York:
    Acrylic nails tap the subway pole like baby teeth
    Eels swim through each other
    bad sailor’s knots
    the city chews its own cheek like bubblegum
    and the scabs grow lacquered skin
    in protest

  • 1/31/16
    Frozen to the bone (that I’m gnawing on)
    walking isn’t usually this hard
    but somehow, I don’t mind

  • 2/13/16

  • 2/13/16 (pt. 2)
    The lotion smells like roses
    and I can’t feel my feet
    I’m losing it in doses
    so I rinse/rinse/repeat

  • 4/2/16
    LACMA (Robert Mapplethorpe):
    She snapped my eye
    clean out of its socket
    and held it in her curled palm
    black hair falling in tufts
    still too much distance
    to fix anything at allBut we cry together
    for now, we watch the smoke curl away

  • 5/13/16
    Writing and sex
    are the closest we get to turning inside out
    but skin tears and buckles
    skin fucking gets in the way

  • 5/28/16
    I lost the keychain
    and then found it
    (lost her and then found her, you get the point)
    and I’m not quite ready to stop looking

  • 5/28/16 (pt. 2)
    How do you politely tell someone
    that you love them
    but already have one of them at home?
    this is getting hard to balanceOn one hand you are laughing
    licking cannoli icing off your thumb
    on another, I was uncomfortable
    I was restless
    nothing was new
    I wasn’t even that into you
    until I decided that I was


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