My Only Mess

This heart , this only
heart is cliché and clutter
thing you’ve heard a thousand times
this heart growls, hungry
moans and locked jaw
jealous of the space between
its beats, it beats
this heart screams and swallows
everything whole
this heart dripping
on every carpet, bloody hands
soil-crusted on everything
this heart is sweaty palm steel beams
high maintenance graveyard shift
this heart wants the last word
this heart sees and wants and eats
potato chips in the silent library
this heart makes a scene
in restaurants, this heart hopes
for the worst//plans for the best
this tired old phrase, this scrape
on knee, stinging hand grudge
set in stone, carved with penknife
this milk heart gone sour
put into the coffee anyways
this cracked mirror inconvenience
this strike-anywhere heart
striking everything
chalkboard scream
this embarrassed heart, mess
of a gift
this Valentine up all night
being made
this sticky interruption flea circus
tent burned to the ground
this heart is still dancing around it
this mess, my only mess
this lonely in bubbling company mess
all mine to mend
this heart
this hungry, hungry, only heart

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