Your kitchen stands
under your ladder
and you stand
between the two

Sawdust up your arms
sawdust in your hair
flames curl up and over
the side of the frying pan
this is how to scrub her
out of the room
no soap required

Door clicks shut
mousetrap string of beads
bones click together
bones pull apart
tooth and fork
scalding tongue
seven inch heels
on stainless steel step
you will rip everything
and this is no exception

When you crack the egg
it falls twenty feet
you will rip everything
which is why everything
throws itself over the edge
(except for the skin that sticks
the parts you can’t unbutton
fingers a touch too stiff)

By the time it lands
butter burning
yolk drips over
the side of the frying pan
pierced through the heart
that sticky, golden hiss

This is the meal
you will eat with bare hands
throwing another shoe in the fire
saying to the mirror:
it’s the greed that’s doing it
if your fingers were more satin
and less stain
more doors re-opened
then they wouldn’t always insist
on climbing out the window

But this egg doesn’t cook either
so you tape the shell back together
and go back to unbuttoning
above your kitchen
below your ladder
hissing back at luck

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