Pancake of a Lie

(rediscovered poems pt. 1)

I lost my first tooth in a house
that no longer exists
so I snuck through a window
that no longer exists
and made an inventory of everything buried
I was doing so well, but I ran out of paper
a finger over my eyelid
returns with a smudge of milky dust
and I tap my nails against
the plastic lying over me
but nobody can hear
because nobody is here
everything is delayed
by half a second
I can’t catch a bee in my fingers
if I can’t move them in the first place
so they buzz between my ears
a song that no longer exists
dog snoring lullabies
into couch cushions
a blue, ceramic fish dangling
the anniversary earring
you never saw again
a house that was shoved back into the dust
an early, simple pancake of a lie

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