Sunday to-do list:

  • The bricks here are warm, but everything worth building has already been built.  Everything worth rebuilding requires fingernails longer than the ones I have.
  • The building to my left wears “Lonely As I’ve Ever Been” on it’s cheek. I miss the smell of her cheek. I miss being able to hand her my whole journal without fear of it being too heavy.
  • Find sunflower breath. Find a life worth fighting for. Build a fort from boxed wine and stained pillows. Hide in in it until every wick has turned to charcoal. Sketch the figures that walk past.
  • Find sunflower breath. Find dust in your hair. Don’t worry about how it got there.
  • Let your lips crack enough to suggest laughing more than kissing.
  • Rebuild until your knuckles crack. Until each code cracks. Until each egg cracks and spills out some way other than yellow.
  • Take off your shoes and feel the brick for yourself. Use negative space.

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