Coffee Cartel

Soul excavation stop #3: wayward beehive//midnight honey
{free-writes in places where I’ve made memories that I regret//attempts to come to peace with those memories..this place holds the sweetest memories, but I still feel the need to dig up the floorboards}

Before I found my left leg
and the strength to kiss you
I drew a gold heart
above the toilet paper holder

A few weeks ago
I pulled a pen
from my back pocket
and wrote you a letter
above the sink

Hoping that when you come here
in new boots
with a notebook full of poems
that I may never read
you’ll reach for the soap
and know
out of the corner of your eye
that I loved you

You’ll wipe the backs of your hands
on your green pants
with pockets running down the sides
and know that I loved you

I loved you
big as the blue
over a wheat field
on the cover of a paperback
about milk pail kisses
and mud between toes

I loved you
like spoonfuls of honey at breakfast
like picking up your mom’s paper plate
and hearing about her geology major

I loved you
like silver bullet trailer slumber parties
like faded fingertip tattoos
like wintergreen gum
like bluebirds on walks to the gas station
where we bought a loaf of bread and a box of tampons

I loved you
like this place
this wayward beehive
this midnight honey
that we never quite finished writing about

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