Flip to the Obituaries

I’ve been making my way to bed
with closed eyes
crunching cartons of eggs under my heels
not bothering to wash the yolks from my soles
because that would mean looking down
and nodding at the damage

If my mouth was a printing press
I’d write Sunday papers each day
filled with reprinted articles
with three paragraph intros
and no punchlines

flip to the obituaries on page 7
if you’re looking for an ending
any one of them will do

how do you end
what will end on its own?

how do you take the shadow
of two months closing in on you–
space junk, soda cans, and
Bed Bath and Beyond cupons–
and make it look purposeful?

How do you put it on a leash
walk it down the street
instead of it walking you?

I’m not smiling
at the neighbors
because I might be pulled away mid-grin
and then I’d have to stop by
with a plate of cookies
and an explanation note

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