Tuesday Night Best

I am walking
Out in the rain
And I am listening to the low moan
Of the dial tone again

We twisted our fingers together
and hop-scotched our way
outside of every chalk outline

And both hands
Now use both hands
Oh no, don’t close your eyes

Boots full of sand
that had plenty of time
to trickle its way
through the hourglass I wore around my neck

I am writing
Graffiti all over your body
I am drawing the story of
How hard we tried

We didn’t look back
at the cities left crooked behind us
because we were dressed
in our Tuesday best
tool belts full of hot glue and sea glass
building sanctuaries on the shore
and sitting in folding chairs
to watch the tide carry them home

And now I’m writing our history
Up on the bedroom wall
And when we leave the landlord will come
And paint over it all

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