What Lasts Lasts

*inspired by Haruki Murakami*

What lasts lasts
and hair grows back

going back

the first girl
who ever made my heart
slam against my chest
like steel-toed boots
going down a fire escape
shaved the side of her head
over a bathroom sink

what doesn’t doesn’t
hair still grows back

her back
was still covered with rusted twists
she didn’t stop to think that it would soon grow uneven
I didn’t stop to think
that our love would soon grow uneven

hair still grows back

grew all the way down my back
when I was seven
and I used to stop
on birthdays/rainy days/lazy days
and try to braid some of the air into it

what doesn’t doesn’t

what doesn’t unravels

I’d unravel it the next morning

trying to fill the room with a little bit of yesterday

the last night that I spent
with the boy whose hands
knew nothing but “take for dear life”
I asked him to cut the back of my hair

what doesn’t shouldn’t

thought maybe
handing him the scissors
would make my hands look less like
the kind that were always cutting

what shouldn’t doesn’t

sometimes goodbye
means sometime soon
we’ve got to learn to breathe again

sometime’s goodbye
means let’s let the wind
take it from here

sometimes goodbye
Is what you say to her
when you mean goodnight
when you mean I love you
when you mean let’s not check the clock
ever again

time solves most things
and hair grows back
what doesn’t doesn’t
what shouldn’t shouldn’t
what doesn’t grows back
what does goes back in time
time solves most things

time solves most things
and what time can’t solve
you’ve got to solve yourself

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